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Noblesse - presentation (in english) Empty Noblesse - presentation (in english)

Post by Uther on 2016-07-16, 9:24 pm

Noblesse - "settings"

The main goal of "Noblesse" league is just to have some fun with this game.
Stormfall is a "free to play"… but "pay ton win" game… but nobody will ever win anything… except Plarium with those "cash players"
It's obvious that lot of players are burning out their credit card to get to the top rankings.
So, if a player want to be among the top dudes then he should keep his credit card really close to his hand.
Of course, a member is free to spend his money as he want, but he should be aware our league is unlikely to rise to the top rankings !

What's the benefits for a player to be leagued ?
1) Access to more daily quests (the 2nd tab)
2) Access to the rewards given by the League Quests
3) Help from other members (ressources, scrolls, andvices and defenders/protectors/avengers)

What a member is asked for ?
1) As often as possible, participate in League Quests as each small action will help to reach good rewards
2) Give help to the other players when possible (with ressources, scrolls, troops and/or advices)
3) Make the league alive by showing up in the league chat when you log in
4) Try to participate in any league action lauched by the HQ (Marshall and captains)
5) Before attacking someone, always check the diplomacy status between his league and us (via the Embassy)
6) Log in as often as possible to be able to react if there is a league action. If a player cannot log in for several days, please inform any HQ member.

A league is a win-win deal and the should be clear and understood for everyone.
If a player is a member just for the benefits, but will never participate, then he is likely to be kicked out.

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