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Post by Uther on 2016-07-21, 12:50 pm

Well, it's imortant to be clear about why and how we intend to use this forum !
We will NOT use this forum as a "normal" one.
Stormfall's league chat is (and must stay) the place to be and the place to talk !
So, this forum will be mainly used for :
- Giving advices and tips (good for everyone) or to answer questions more completely
- Post links to interesting infos found on the web that can be usefull for anyone
- Let the players debate about options to play the game in general
- Detail what are our terms with other leagues when we are "At peace", "Allied", ...
So, this forum will allow us to give more infos to the players (since it's not limited to 600 caracters per message) and explain/answer things once... and for everyone ! You have to be a league member to have access to the other sections. (our league is not yet active, so the other contents are actually only visible by the upcoming HQ members)

When the marshal or a captain need to send an important message to the league :
- if it's an immediate call for help/support, the league chat is to be used
- if it's a message about any other matter that doesn't need immediate answer, the forum is to be used and a league message (via the Stormfall system) must be sent to everyone in the form : "Important message about ... on our forum. Please read it as soon as possible".

So, you don't need to visit/log in on this forum all the time... just time to time and when asked for.

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